Kara Cooney at a desk with an open book

The parallels of female power in ancient Egypt and modern times

In her latest book, Kara Cooney notes how a ruler’s gender matters far less than whose agendas are served.

Lit candles inside a California mission

Rethinking what we teach about California's missions

There are ghosts to be reckoned with in our state and its history, which an entirely new field aims to address.

Jullianne Ballou reads a book on wine

‘World’s greatest wine library’ continues to grow

A glimpse of UC Davis' bottomless collection.

A child looks at the camera from among a group of migrants

Coming to America

Historical context helps explain the urgency of present-day Central American migrations.

Lisa Materson and Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor, associate professors of history, read from their new book

The female historians unearthing women's stories

A new Oxford handbook restores women to their rightful place on the world's stage.

Woman reading book with cocoa

Famous UC writers on their favorite books

UC’s leading literary lights give us ideas for a holiday read.

Gonzo Hunter S. Thompson

UC Santa Cruz receives significant Hunter S. Thompson collection

An 800-volume collection has been donated to Special Collections Archives at UC Santa Cruz.

Vietnam devastation kids in the rubble

The Vietnam War from another angle

An environmental historian highlights the role landscapes play in military conflicts.

UC Santa Barbara Frankenstein

A monster for our times

Mary Shelley breathed life into Frankenstein more than 200 years ago, and her classic novel only grows more relevant.

Row of pumpkins

10 things you probably didn't know about pumpkins

How much do you know about this beloved fall symbol? Test your knowledge here.