Cronutt post-op

How a UCSF team is giving Cronutt the sea lion a second chance with neuroscience

Cronutt, a sea lion suffering from toxic algae-induced epilepsy — a problem on the rise due to climate change — gets a shot at a better life.

Baby sleeping in purple hat

Why you should never feel guilty about getting a good night’s sleep

UCLA researchers behind a new study on the human brain say ‘sleep is as important as food.’

An older man with a clock graphic behind him

How we sleep today may forecast when Alzheimer’s disease begins

Get some more sleep — deep, restorative slumber may defend against virulent dementia.

Ganguly in the lab

First ‘plug and play’ brain prosthesis demonstrated in paralyzed person

In a significant advance, researchers have developed a way to make prosthetics ‘learn’ better from the brains that control them.

Mom and toddler looking at a cell phone

Autism therapy in the palm of your hand

A mobile app will provide motivation-based autism treatment for families.

Older woman smelling flowers

Older adults who can really smell the roses may face lower likelihood of dementia

Sensory perception in old age may be linked to cognition, UCSF study shows.

Little astronaut running video game

Ready for a cognitive workout?

Joint UC Riverside-UC Irvine study seeks volunteers to assess memory training.

Two little girls look at each other eye to eye, one angry

We literally don’t see eye-to-eye

Scientists show our ability to pinpoint the exact location and size of things varies from one person to the next.

Left: mouse astrocytes (green) before reprogramming; Right: neurons (red) induced from mouse astrocytes after reprogramming with PTB antisense oligonucleotide treatment.

One-time treatment generates new neurons, eliminates Parkinson’s disease in mice

A new strategy for treating neurodegeneration gives hope for treating even those with advanced disease.

Just married old car in a sunny square

Are we wired for romance?

Researchers find out how a newlywed's brain works.