Rose smell UC

How love leads us by the nose, explained

Neuroscientists ID the roots of attraction.

Buddhist monks UC Merced

Summer school for Buddhist monks

Researchers engage in the scientific method at Indian monasteries.

washing hands LLNL

Antibacterial chemicals may cause adverse effects from mother to child

Triclocarban (TCC) found to be a potential health risk in the womb and during lactation.

UC Irvine salad greek

Low-calorie diet may help keep the body young

The link between metabolism and aging revealed.

Eclipse UC Berkeley

New app makes photographing the eclipse a snap

Be prepared for the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse.

skill sleep UCSF

Want to learn a new skill? Get some sleep

Faced with a new task, your brain adapts by rewiring itself as you snooze.

flame retardant UCSF

Flame retardant exposure found to lower IQ in children

Largest review of research to date shows clear connection between PBDEs and decreased intelligence.

Morales UC Davis

Professors swim for science across Tahoe

The Women for Water Research team draws attention to the importance of protecting lakes and streams.

Marian Diamond UC Berkeley

Marian Diamond, known for studies of Einstein’s brain, dies at 90

Renowned educator and scientist discovered brain plasticity and shared her love of anatomy with millions.

UCSF Esserman WISDOM study

Massive study launched to test personalized approach to breast cancer screening

UC Health study aims to resolve ambiguity about the importance of annual mammograms.