Honey bee pesticide

Common U.S. pesticide makes bees 'drunk'

Study points to a broadly used chemical that impairs bees' ability to fly and find food.

chest X-ray

Surprising new role for lungs: Making blood

UCSF scientists discover our breathing organ is a veritable factory of blood and immune stem cells.

UC Davis pigeon study

Pigeon study takes on sexism in science

New study shows the folly of assuming male and female animals are genetically the same.

air water device UC Berkeley

Device pulls water from dry air, powered only by the sun

Breakthrough harvester could help provide for your home's water needs.

Alexis Shusterman Grad Research Day

California’s force for research innovation

UC graduate students visit with lawmakers in Sacramento to share bold ideas for tackling California's big challenges.

UC Berkeley shoelaces

Shoe-string theory: Science shows why shoelaces come untied

The reason behind your run's interruption.

human T cells artificial

UCLA develops artificial thymus that produces cancer-fighting cells

This could be an important step for treating many different types of cancer.

UCSF blood pressure doctor

Race ranks higher than pounds in diabetes, heart health risks

South Asians, Hispanics of normal weight most likely to have high glucose, hypertension.

UC Merced epigenomics

Can the study of epigenomics lead to personalized cancer treatment?

Chemical modifications that do not change our DNA but can affect gene activity are a new tool for biomedicine.

UC ANR mosquito

Researchers find Zika's weak spot

Study cracks the structure of a key protein to better understand how the virus replicates itself.