UC Riverside drone

Drones to grow minds of their own

UC Riverside professors aim to embed intelligence in drones.

UC Santa Cruz neutron merger

A new era in astronomy: First observations of merging neutron stars

A UC Santa Cruz team provides the first-ever visual evidence of the source of gravitational waves.

HIV kick kill UCLA

Researchers create molecule that could ‘kick and kill’ HIV

A synthetic particle can awaken dormant virus cells and knock them out in lab animals — a significant advance.

UC Davis cleaner disinfectant

Why a little dirt is good for us

Disinfectants can inhibit cellular energy production and even lead to an increased risk of Parkinson's disease.

UC Berkeley Barry Barish

UC Berkeley alum Barry Barish wins 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

His work on the discovery of gravitational waves helped prove Einstein's general theory of relativity right.

Neurons worms

The most detailed look yet at an animal's brain

The C. elegans worm may have only 302 neurons, but for the first time, scientists can see them all one by one.

drinking water

Manganese in drinking water a cause for concern

A wide-ranging study suggests officials should monitor the chemical element as a possible public health threat.

Rose smell UC

How love leads us by the nose, explained

Neuroscientists ID the roots of attraction.

Buddhist monks UC Merced

Summer school for Buddhist monks

Researchers engage in the scientific method at Indian monasteries.

washing hands LLNL

Antibacterial chemicals may cause adverse effects from mother to child

Triclocarban (TCC) found to be a potential health risk in the womb and during lactation.