escaping jet lag UCLA

How to beat jet lag (according to science)

Setting off? Don't forget to pack this advice.

UC Berkeley Taylorbird

The work ethic of birds

Scruples are found across the natural world and for good reason, new research shows.

UC Berkeley pumice

Solving the mystery of floating rocks

Scientists uncover how pumice can remain buoyant for years.

UC Riverside ants

Using seaweed to kill California's least favorite ant

Hydrogel baits could help control Argentine ants, the subject of 85 percent of the state's pest control services.

UC Riverside Dickinsonia

Study of Earth's first animals broadens understanding of early evolution

Secrets of early life hide within one of the oldest fossil animals, Dickinsonia.

UC Davis Synestia

Something new in the stars

There's a new type of planetary object in town — a synestia.

UC Davis salmon jump

Nearly half of California’s native salmon, steelhead and trout on track to be extinct within 50 years

The good news is it's not too late to reverse the trend.

Suntan lotion UC San Diego

Chemists create the ultimate natural sunscreen

Synthetic particles mimic the cell structures that produce melanin and protect our skin.

UC Santa Cruz cancer crosshairs

Cancer in the crosshairs

UC Santa Cruz is taking on cancer where it begins: the genome.

UC Riverside fear study

New study shows how the brain encodes fear

Research could eventually help sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder.