Social science

UCLA colored patterns

Analyzing brain patterns may help neuroscientists reduce fear

UCLA-led research offers promise for treating anxiety, eating disorders.

UCLA choosing a gift

Science says the gift you should give is..

A professor finds out what kind of present will make the recipient feel more connected to you.

UC Riverside half full

Pessimists — You aren’t alone in feeling down

New study shows even optimists get the blues.

UC Riverside parenting style

How parenting tactics influence teens' problem behaviors

New study finds discrepancy between views of parenting style contributes to kids acting out.

David Arky white pill map UCSF

White wash: Biomedical research doesn't reflect diversity of American public

UCSF is working to ensure research is demographically sound.

Smartphone UCSF

As smartphone use increases, so does lack of sleep

But you might get some relief if you put the phone down in time.

UC San Diego Facebook study

Facebook users live longer, study says

All that time spent on your favorite social network may be extending your life.

UC Davis social monkeys

Can being uncertain of your social rank be bad for your health?

New research suggests that not knowing where you stand takes a serious toll.

UC Santa Barbara Hindu women

Understanding human belief

Researchers make a breakthrough in quantifying belief system dynamics behind religion and politics.

UC Irvine foster care

Study shows foster care is bad for your health

First-of-its-kind survey finds greater mental and physical ailments among children who have been in the system.