UC Santa Barbara coral

Give and take

UC Santa Barbara researchers demonstrate how nutrient pollution can disrupt important ecological relationships.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani addresses agricultural assembly.

Afghanistan president, UC Davis align on ag extension

UC Davis leads project to help rebuild Afghanistan's agriculture.

UC Santa Cruz student David Robles has worked at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems and is a UC Global Food Initiative student fellow.

Learning from the ground up

From well-established farms to a crop of new gardens, courses and programs, UC offers experiential learning opportunities to students at all levels.

Can lasers make the internet faster?

Lasers could make the Internet faster – and cleaner

Tiny lasers could overcome the current speed limits on the Internet and lower the information revolution's carbon footprint, UC San Diego researchers say.

California sieve Berkeley

California’s water system leaks like a sieve — how to save millions of gallons

Quantifying, much less preventing, H2O loss is almost impossible. UC Berkeley's John Gage wants to solve the problem.

UC Riverside argentine ants

New eco-friendly method to stop Argentine ants

UC Riverside researchers add pheromone to bait and find a 74 percent reduction in activity by the invasive species.

Will cars of the future run on poop?

The U.S. produces over 1 billion tons of manure, including human waste, every year. That mountain of excrement not only poses a disposal problem, it also creates a potent source of greenhouse gases. But to researchers at UCLA, it’s not just a big pile of poop: it’s a really big – and renewable – source of biofuel.

UCLA ice sheet

Antarctica could be headed for major meltdown

UCLA geochemist finds striking similarities between climate change patterns today and millions of years ago.

UC Santa Cruz oceans study

The wild, wild West Coast

Unexpected phenomena and El Niño leave UC Santa Cruz researchers wondering what the future holds for West Coast ecosystems.

Juvenile salmon feast on bugs in enclosed areas of the Yolo Bypass during a 2014 experiment in a flooded rice field. The experiment in 2016 is in its fifth year.

Sushi project mixes salmon and rice fields on floodplain

Experiment, in fifth year, points to water policy solutions to support both salmon recovery and agriculture.