In the News

  • Wellness? There's an app for that

    UC Berkeley

    Cal Rec Sports launches a Facebook app that helps users cultivate a healthy lifestyle.
  • Viruses engineered to attack themselves

    San Francisco Chronicle

    UCSF/Gladstone researchers and others eye viruses to fight bacterial infections and cancer, in addition to other viruses.
  • Amy Wilentz and the lure of Haiti


    Time spoke with the UC Irvine journalism professor on the occasion of the three-year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti.
  • Chancellor to head initiative for public universities

    Los Angeles Times

    UC Berkeley's Robert J. Birgeneau will lead a national effort to study and help public universities in an era of reduced tax support, new technology and changing student demographics.
  • 36th annual Writers Week begins Feb. 4

    UC Riverside

    Southern California’s longest-running, free event devoted to writing and writers returns to UC Riverside with award-winning novelists, poets and journalists.