In the News

  • How gratitude can improve your life


    Psychologists at several UC campuses have collected evidence of the benefits, both physical and psychological, of positive emotions such as gratitude.
  • A crusade against sugar

    San Francisco Chronicle

    UCSF researcher's new book casts the sweet stuff as a toxic contributor to obesity.
  • UC Regents meet

    Regents' first meeting of 2013 is Jan. 15-17 at UCSF Mission Bay. Listen live online.
  • Rogers with basketball hoop

    Cal hoopster now helps clinical trial

    Associated Press via Washington Post

    A heart condition benched Tierra Rogers before she played a college game. Now she's in a clinical trial that she hopes will keep other athletes in the game.
  • Debt 'swaps' avoid risk, save money

    San Francisco Chronicle

    Interest rate swaps have saved UC more than $40 million and helped protect university from investment volatility.