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UCLA for The Conversation |

New antenna design could aid interplanetary communication

A small yet powerful antenna would allow the Mars rover to communicate directly with Earth, enabling much more data to…
UC Santa Barbara |

Caught in a complex web

A new general consumer-resource model spans the mathematics of a century's worth of food web models and provides a…
UC Riverside |

Central Coast cities at significant tsunami risk

A quake centered below the Santa Barbara Channel could send inundating waves toward Ventura and Oxnard.
UC Riverside |

How clean is your spinach?

Mom was right about washing the greens: Researchers believe peaks and valleys in leaves could be key to numerous…
UC Berkeley |

Biologists discover skydiving spiders in South American forests

Biologists discover gliding, hunting arachnids in South American forests.
UC San Francisco |

Agricultural intervention improves HIV outcomes

Helping HIV positive Kenyans improve farming practices counters hunger.
UC Davis |

Drought costs California agriculture $1.8B, 10,100 jobs in 2015

The drought is tightening its grip on California agriculture, squeezing about 30 percent more workers and cropland out…
UC Irvine |

UCI, NASA researchers find link between Amazon fire risk, devastating hurricanes

Warmer-than-usual waters in the North Atlantic contribute to both phenomena.
UC Newsroom |

Ten projects win UC’s 2015 information technology awards

Ten teams representing multiple locations across the University of California won the 2015 Larry L. Sautter Award for…
UC Davis |

Employing dogs to sniff out cancer

Pups will put their superior sense of smell to work detecting cancer, especially at early stages, in humans.
UC Newsroom |

UC campuses rate highly in world university rankings

UC Berkeley leads nine UC campuses in the 2015 Academic Ranking of World Universities.

UC ANR's new vice president shares vision

Glenda Humiston said she will look for ways to expand economic opportunities for farming industries and increase…