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The most viral UC research of 2016

UC research comprised 14 of the 100 journal articles that got the most media attention in 2016. Take a look at what got the world talking.

UC Davis plant geneticist Jorge Dubcovsky examines one of the wheat plants being raised in an indoor growth chamber.

New grant funds search for wheat-yield genes

National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant to include training for future plant breeders.

Professor Charlie Bamforth, left, and brewer Joe Williams, second from left, confer as beer is brewed in the UC Davis brewery.

Sierra Nevada Brewing owners give $2M to UC Davis brewing program

Gift establishes endowment for a full-time staff brewing position.

Moderator Evan Kleiman, Robert Goldberg, Russ Parsons and Edward Parson talk about the controversy over genetic modifications of our food. Goldberg and Parson are UCLA professors.

UCLA professors defend GMOs

No known detrimental impacts have been found in genetically modified food.

UC Davis graduate student Priyesh Shetty uses the free produce from the Fruit and Veggie Up! program to supplement his diet.

Program distributes 10,000 pounds of produce to students

Offers donated fruits and vegetables for free.

holiday meal

How to avoid overeating during holidays

UCLA dietitian offers tips for staying healthy.

Chertai Xiong, a Hmong farmer in central California

Climate solutions for agriculture

UC Davis World Food Center launches climate-smart story project highlighting science-based solutions.

UC Merced professor Stefano Carpin and one of his robots

Robots and people working together to save water, enhance agriculture

Technology could change the way crops are maintained worldwide.

Steven Palomares

Young people find their voices through urban agriculture

UC Global Food Initiative sponsors videos that highlight youth experiences in urban agriculture.

UC Berkeley Food Pantry

Food pantry, county food bank partner to feed more students

Weekly food deliveries from the food bank will include fresh produce.