Dream Act

DACA UC lawsuit

University of California files suit to block Trump administration from ending DACA

The lawsuit is the first to be filed by a university seeking to stop the Trump administration from rescinding DACA.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals UC Merced

Immigration status has health implications for young Latinos, study shows

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) provides psychological benefits to undocumented youth.

UC Irvine immigration

Trump’s policies will affect four groups of undocumented immigrants

Four professors examine the potential consequences of the new directives through a research lens.


Applying to college? Don’t make this costly mistake

How California families can make sure they don't miss out on billions in financial aid.

community gardeners

Faculty honored for contributions to UC initiatives

Leadership award winners are influencers in diversity, entrepreneurialsm, sustainability and other key issues.

Gorete Borges Teodoro and Renata Teodoro, cover of Dreams Deported

How deportation hurts families

Student-written book, 'Dreams Deported,' is a project of a UCLA labor studies minor class and third in a series on immigration and the immigrant youth movement.

Rene Amel Peralta

Against the odds, chemistry grad finds a path out of poverty

By the time he was 6, Rene Amel Peralta was already working full time in construction and odds jobs in Mexico, just trying to survive. By 13, he and his sister had been abandoned by their only parent and had made the treacherous journey across the border.

But without immigration papers or an education, poverty followed.

On Saturday (June 13), Peralta and his sister both will defy the long odds that were stacked against them, and be awarded college diplomas.

Their goal now: Help others from similar circumstances.

Teresa Contreras and Yesenia Aguilar

Undocumented students benefit from new research program

The students in the UndocuBruins program say it creates a space where undocumented students’ goals are valued.

UC Merced students

UC looks to level the playing field for undocumented students

At national summit, experts look to find ways to help students overcome financial and legal hurdles.

UC-backed state loan program will provide aid to undocumented students

Program is designed to compensate for ineligibility for federal financial assistance.