Mathieu Prévot displays water collected by the harvester

Water harvester makes it easy to drink water from thin air

A device that cycles 24/7 to produce enough water from desert air to drink is close to hitting the market.

Cilantro on a grey table

How cilantro works as a secret weapon against seizures

Cilantro has been used as food and medicine for 8,000 years. Now, scientists know how it works to curb epileptic seizures.

Women in western Kenya holding maize

UC Davis and USAID launch new research program to study rural poverty worldwide

The effort aims to find solutions to root causes of poverty and food insecurity.

Looming insects

Looming insect invasion threatens California wine and avocados

UC Riverside plans a tiny wasp counterattack.

A doctor holding kale

3 tips from UCSF's guide to eating happy and healthy

No fad diets. No superfoods. No shame.

CalFresh table at UC Berkeley

Number of young people facing poverty has increased over last decade

An incomplete social safety net contributes to the problem, paper finds.

Chicken cooking on a grill with people in the background

White meat is no better for cholesterol, new study says

Researchers were surprised to find chicken is no better than beef — contrary to popular belief.

A queen bumblebee on a flower

As bumblebee diets narrow, ours could too

Fewer plants cause developmental delays for the pollinators that keep our favorite foods growing.

Labrador eating food

Preliminary study suggests mercury not a risk in dog foods

Researchers tested 24 commercial diets for mercury and methylmercury.

Jennifer Smith holding up a flask of seaweed

Usurp the burp: How seaweed can help curb cow burps (and their emissions)

UC agricultural and marine scientists fight one of the state's biggest sources of methane: cow burps.