Diverse group of seniors exercising with weights outside and smiling

The brain-protecting power of exercise

Researchers show how physical activity protects cognition by altering brain chemistry that maintains synapses, especially for the elderly.

A person snowboarding on a steep mountain

Why does experiencing ‘flow’ feel so good?

Communication scientist Richard Huskey explains — and shares how to get there.

Abel Torres Espin, right, and Adam Ferguson examine patient outcome data, visualized using machine learning on a computer

The link between blood pressure and spinal cord injuries

Patients with spinal cord injuries — even devastating ones — have a better chance of regaining some mobility if their blood pressure is maintained within newly defined range during surgery.

David Julius with mustache smiling in a UC Berkeley lab, 1983

New Nobelist David Julius was a standout from the start

UC Berkeley colleagues and mentors — including 2013 Nobelist Randy Schekman — share fond memories of a talented and kind young mind.

Ardem Patapoutian

UCLA alumnus Ardem Patapoutian shares 2021 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine

Neuroscientist helped answer fundamental question about how nervous system senses temperature and touch.

Matt Leonard looking at computer screens

Struggling to learn a new language? Blame it on your stable brain

A new study sheds light on the age-old question of why it’s so difficult to learn a second language as an adult.

A person inside a purple silhouette of a head with a design in the background

Can this controversial new drug curb Alzheimer’s disease?

It’s complicated, but for some patients, there’s reason to be optimistic about aducanumab, the treatment that made waves upon receiving FDA approval this summer.

Young man listening to music with headphones on.

That song stuck in your head helps you to remember

‘Earworms’ are more than a passing nuisance. They help us preserve memory – for music and for life.

MRI of glioblastomas

Immunotherapy for hard-to-treat cancers ready to move toward clinical trials

Researchers have demonstrated how to engineer smart immune cells that are effective against solid tumors.

Man and woman jogging together

To keep a sharp mind, start thinking of heart health in your 20s

Obesity, hypertension and high glucose in early adulthood may take a heavy toll on cognition late in life, UCSF-led study shows.