Brain activity UC Santa Barbara

Brain's memory strategies change as you age

Activity patterns shift over time without affecting recall, new research shows.

UC President Napolitano and the 10 UC chancellors urge support for passage of Cures/Innovation legislation

Investment in National Institutes of Health research and innovation is vital to acclerating health treatments and cures for all Americans.

UC Berkeley wandering mind study

Does your mind jump around, stay on task or get stuck?

Increased awareness of our thoughts at rest could lead to better mental health.

UCLA antidepressants

Brain wave recordings predict whether antidepressants will work

UCLA study finds noninvasive method that may help speed relief from the disorder.

UC San Francisco's Edward Chang was among the grant recipients in the latest round of awards from the federal BRAIN Initiative.

UC scientists awarded more than $9 million from federal BRAIN Initiative

Recipients include 14 UC research teams from five campuses.

UC Irvine Mars hero

Travel to Mars, risk dementia

Study raises questions about long-term brain health after extended spaceflights.

Google UC Santa Cruz

The more you Google, the more likely you are to keep Googling

"Let me Google that for you" may not be so good for us after all.

UC Riverside window to the brain

International ‘Window to the Brain’ research team gathers at UC Riverside

Scientists from the U.S. and Mexico are working to make their therapeutic transparent skull implant a reality for patients with brain disorders.

UC San Diego teen brain

Ever wonder what the teen brain is thinking?

A landmark national survey of emotional, cognitive and social development among adolescents is now underway.

Lizbeth Nunez UC Berkeley

Farmworker’s daughter looks to a future in brain science

Undocumented student Lizbeth Nuñez arrives at UC Berkeley to advance neurobiology — and honor her mother's sacrifices.