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Billionaires in the great beyond

Scientists weigh in on the first successful civilian trips to space, and the ethics of being a billion-dollar rocket man.

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Meet the 10 disruptive technologies vying to win UC’s Startup Innovation Challenge

Two winners will take home $50K and get access to a global investor network.

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California’s Institutes for Science and Innovation celebrate 20 years of research and discovery

Twenty years on, the four UC-based California Institutes of Science and Innovation are integral to addressing California's most pressing issues with research-driven innovation.

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Apply now for UC’s Startup Innovation Challenge

Winners will take home a $50K cash prize and get to network with industry leaders.

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Is now the time to be your own boss?

Seven alumni on finding purpose and what to know before you become your own boss.

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UC Santa Cruz–based nonprofit helps small businesses weather the COVID-19 lockdown by going analog to digital

Students partner with businesses to help keep local Santa Cruz standbys alive.

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Finalists announced for 2020 UC Startup Pitch Showcase

Five UC startups will have the opportunity to pitch their companies to more than 900 business leaders and could win $10 million in funding.

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Putting gene therapy in reach

A disruptive new technology could bring cellular engineering and its lifesaving potential to more people.

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Hate spoilers? This AI tool spots them for you

Neural networks-based SpoilerNet is designed to catch online spoilers before they catch you off guard.


Activist, entrepreneur duo ready to throw the ‘pink tax’ overboard

It's a classic American story: Soon-to-be grads Helen and Rachel Lee are fighting to get a tax — on feminine hygiene products — repealed.

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shares her tips and tricks

The alum and her husband, Google exec Dennis Troper, spoke with campus provost Marlene Tromp on the keys to their success.

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The science of work

Are innovators born or are they created? Elizabeth Lyons sets out to answer questions just like this.