Min Ku Choi

In his quest to serve patients, ‘The only thing hindering me is my status’

Min Ku Choi is on the verge of finishing his degree in pharmacy at UCSF. Whether he gets to use it or not depends on DACA.

Chancellor May holds a whiteboard supporting DACA students

UC campaign encourages community to stand with undocumented students

Students, faculty and staff are invited to show their support for undocumented students.

Rene Amel Peralta and sister at graduation

From a life in poverty to a career in medicine, thanks to DACA

UC Irvine alum Rene Amel Peralta wants to serve his community as a physician. That dream will be in jeopardy if the DACA program ends.

G. Cristina Mora speaks at a UC Berkeley rally

What’s in a name? How the concepts of Hispanic and Latino identity emerged

UC Berkeley sociologist G. Cristina Mora explains the origins of the identity we celebrate during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Group of women in STEM

Everyone stumbles. The trick is getting back up.

Real-world advice from some trailblazing first-gen women in STEM.

Hispanic Heritage Month banner

Test your UC Latinx knowledge

Take our fun quiz to see how well you know the UC community's contributions to our nation's Hispanic heritage.

Students walking on campus

New UC students share their hopes and dreams

We check in with nine of our newest arrivals as they launch into their journeys at UC.

Nettie Hunt with daughter on steps of Supreme Court

UC Berkeley to mark ‘400 Years of Resistance to Slavery and Injustice’

A yearlong observation will focus on African Americans’ extraordinary contributions to American life and the struggle for justice.

Sabrina Strings with her book

Where does fat phobia come from?

How did we become obsessed with thinness? It has to do with race, says sociologist Sabrina Strings.

Late night office

Who stalled the gender revolution?

Friendly attitudes toward gender equality increased for decades, then hit a speed bump in the '90s. The reason why might surprise you.