UC Merced coffee

The next Silicon Valley?

UC Merced’s Venture Lab nurtures San Joaquin Valley startups to help the entire region grow.

UC Berkeley Ed Roberts

Google doodle honors disability rights pioneer Ed Roberts

Search engine giant devotes its homepage to the UC Berkeley alum for the day.

DNA differences UCSF

Cultural differences may leave their mark on DNA

Groundbreaking new study shows how deeply ethnicity combines genetics and environment.

UC Santa Cruz Marvel

How a UC Santa Cruz alum became diversity’s superhero

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief wants fans of all backgrounds to see themselves on the page.

Aja Brown UC Santa Barbara

A quiet revolution: New faces in public office

Book provides first comprehensive survey of women, men of color in electoral politics.

UC Berkeley Silberstein

Student blazes trail by taking on iconic Patagonia routes in a wheelchair

Alvaro Silberstein is on a quest to increase the visibility of people with disabilities.

David Arky white pill map UCSF

White wash: Biomedical research doesn't reflect diversity of American public

UCSF is working to ensure research is demographically sound.

Student adviser U Cal

UC program helps students decipher college costs

An effort with nonprofit uAspire uses face-to-face advising and novel tools to help kids make financially savvy choices.

UC Riverside sing you back

UC Riverside poet featured on PBS NewsHour

Allison Hedge Coke and her poem 'America, I Sing You Back' featured on public television website.

UC Merced entrepreneur

Are you a UC entrepreneur?

Join the video campaign that celebrates the diversity and impact of UC startups.