Ana Claire Mancia

Above and beyond: UC women challenging the status quo

You don't have to leave campus to make change — and these young students and alums prove it.

Kara Cooney at a desk with an open book

The parallels of female power in ancient Egypt and modern times

In her latest book, Kara Cooney notes how a ruler’s gender matters far less than whose agendas are served.

Female STEM students standing together

Opportunity rising: The UC women fostering equality every day

A Women's History Month tribute to current students who are integrating equality into their lives, every single day.

Michelle Obama on stage at College Signing Day

UC and Michelle Obama to cheer on California’s college-bound students

UCLA will host huge College Signing Day celebration of college opportunity.

Banner featuring lots of women in black and white

Think you know women's history?

See how well you know these unforgettable UC women by taking our Women's History Month quiz.

Male student typing on computer from book

What makes college students tick?

Eight years ago, we learned students spend half as much time on homework as they did in the '60s. What will we learn this time?

Young Creators and Visionaries Collaborative

Young, gifted and black: The next generation of artists and entrepreneurs

This Black History Month, we are tuning into visions of the future from our current students and recent alums.

Mics held up to a woman

Female presidents are held to higher standards than males

A new analysis of presidential approval ratings reveals truths about gender biases.

Young, gifted and black: The next generation of activists

This Black History Month, we honor some of the bright young activists who are challenging the status quo and working to build a better future for us all.

Kris Perry near the sea

Gov. Newsom appoints alumna and famed plaintiff Kris Perry to key post

The nationally recognized advocate for children receives a key post in the new administration.