Donut UC newsroom

The most viral UC research of 2016

UC research comprised 14 of the 100 journal articles that got the most media attention in 2016. Take a look at what got the world talking.

UC Davis killfish

The fish that adapts to lethal levels of pollution

Scientists are studying the Atlantic killfish to understand its secret.

Hummingbird UCLA

UCLA's hummingbird whisperer

200-plus birds flock to researcher who seeks to enjoy and protect them.

UC Davis Tim Caro

Biologist earns his ‘Zebra Stripes’ with new book

Professor takes readers along on his journey to understanding why zebras have stripes.

Oysters cling to the shoreline at China Camp State Park in San Francisco Bay before a 2011 mass die-off.

Mass oyster die-off in S.F. Bay related to atmospheric rivers

Study first to show biological impact of atmospheric rivers.

dead oaks California

Drought strikes centuries-old California oaks

An estimated 100 million trees have died during the most severe dry spell in living memory.

UC San Diego rhino

Alum wins global competition to fight wildlife poaching

New tool will help protect elephants, rhinos and other threatened species.

Greenland ice sheet

Chilling climate revelations from a previous ice age

Major changes in ice and temperatures could cause abrupt transformations elsewhere, study shows.

Nanoletters UC Riverside

Using plants and quantum physics for potential superefficient solar cells

Physicist discovers how to make photocells mimic the way plants maximize their absorption of sunlight.

UC Santa Cruz otter

What UC Santa Cruz is learning about otters

At Long Marine Lab, scientists working to understand the challenges facing marine mammal populations in the wild.