What to know about the new federal dietary guidelines

UC experts dish out key takeaways for healthy eating – and drinking.

Handful of cookies

8 tipes to keep those resolutions for health

UC Davis nutrition experts offer advice for new year.

Tracy Kahn, curator of UC Riverside's Citrus Variety Collection

Citrus curator given endowed chair

Endowed chair will support and maintain UC Riverside's Citrus Variety Collection in perpetuity.

UC Riverside backyard chicken

Backyard chickens — less healthy than you think?

A new UC Riverside study finds parasites more common than in commercially raised birds.

Veterinary food safety lab gets boost for toxicology testing

Lab receives $1.9M, five-year grant from the federal Food Emergency Response Network.

Visiting eco-chef Roger Feely makes grasshopper tacos during a demonstration of drought-friendly cooking at Festival of Discovery in Aldrich Park.

Food for thought

UC Irvine provides a full menu of events, activities encouraging new approaches to sustainable nourishment.

Standing inside the food pantry at UCI's Student Outreach & Retention Center are (from left) ASUCI food security Co-commissioner Erica Wong, Orange County Food Bank Director Mark Lowry, SOAR Director Graciela Fernandez and ASUCI food security Co-commissio

Banking on food

Free pantry staves off hunger among needy UC Irvine students.

The research that's changing U.S. food policy

UC research is helping uncover answers to the nation’s obesity epidemic and other thorny food-related issues.

Does healthier food help low-income people control their diabetes?

Researchers find better management of diabetes through nutrition food and education supplied by food pantries.

Agriculture, including vegetables, grain and fruit crops, is the largest sector of Pakistan's economy.

UC Davis and Pakistan launch $17M food and agricultural partnership

Project will build on UC Davis' efforts in Pakistan agriculture, with a renewed emphasis on an exchange of faculty and graduate students.