Starting around 5 a.m., David Kessler assembles sandwiches at his kitchen in the Oakland hills.

A recipe for life: Bake. Swim. Give.

For nearly 40 years, David Kessler, a former UC Berkeley staffer and student, has created a tight-knit aquatic community on campus through homemade sandwiches and a lot of heart.

Chef Mickael Blancho of UCSB's University Center Dining Services, better known as the UCSB Soup Guy, gives a cooking demonstration to kick off the new Food, Nutrition and Basic Skills Program for students.

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle

Food, Nutrition and Basic Skills Program for students at UC Santa Barbara offers students comprehensive instruction in budgeting and meal planning, basic kitchen skills, cooking and nutrition.

Coffee study UCSF

Regular caffeine use does not result in extra heartbeats, study shows

Coffee might not be as bad for you as once thought, UC San Francisco researchers find.

13 UC Davis discoveries that changed the world

Research helps ag, environment and health.


Citrus day set for growers, industry professionals

Agricultural field tours, presentations about latest citrus research are planned Jan. 27 at UC Riverside.


What to know about the new federal dietary guidelines

UC experts dish out key takeaways for healthy eating – and drinking.

Handful of cookies

8 tipes to keep those resolutions for health

UC Davis nutrition experts offer advice for new year.

Tracy Kahn, curator of UC Riverside's Citrus Variety Collection

Citrus curator given endowed chair

Endowed chair will support and maintain UC Riverside's Citrus Variety Collection in perpetuity.

UC Riverside backyard chicken

Backyard chickens — less healthy than you think?

A new UC Riverside study finds parasites more common than in commercially raised birds.

Veterinary food safety lab gets boost for toxicology testing

Lab receives $1.9M, five-year grant from the federal Food Emergency Response Network.