Honors & awards

UC Riverside new faculty member Richard Schrock

Nobel laureate to join UC Riverside faculty

Alumnus and renowned scholar Richard Schrock will share pioneering science with faculty and students.

Charlie Bamforth with beer glasses

Awards pour in for the ‘pope of foam’

Brewing legend Charlie Bamforth has been honored this year with three prestigious global awards in his field.

Nakamura portrait with LEDs

Great immigrant, great American

UC naturalized citizen scholars, including Nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura, will be recognized for their contributions on July 4.

UC Davis' Kassandra Ori-McKenney holds a pipette

UC faculty named 2018 Pew biomedical scholars and fellows

Eleven early-career scholars from six UC campuses are recognized for their enormous potential.

V. Ramanathan shares $1.33M sustainable development prize with fellow climate science pioneer

The renowned researcher from UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography is honored for his work.

UCLA royce hall with students

UC system offers the best value, says Forbes

Eight UC campuses make this year's 300 Best Value Colleges list, with six among the top 15.

Cyclotron demonstration

The ‘aha moment’ that led to nuclear physics

How Ernest O. Lawrence looked inside the atom — and beyond.

Katia Vega UC Davis

The tech declared ‘coolest’ at SXSW

Katia Vega's tattoos, in which biosensors replace ink, earn the “Sci-fi No Longer” award.

UC grad school

UC grad schools stand out in 2019 US News rankings

Nearly all UC graduate programs rank among the best in the nation.

UC Berkeley Sloan

Sloan Foundation names its 2018 rising stars of science

Eighteen early-career scientists and scholars from across UC earn prestigious fellowships.