Under the supervision of Allison Korn, UCLA law students will provide legal services as part of UCLA's new Food Law and Policy Clinic.

Safe and sustainable: UCLA launches Food Law and Policy Clinic

First of its kind in California.

UCLA law LAX detainees

UCLA law takes action in the wake of Trump immigration order

More than 200 students have assisted detainees or jumped in alongside the ACLU to fight the ban.

UC addressing policy

How UC is working to address the executive ban on entry to the US by travelers from certain countries

The university is engaged in advocacy and offering timely guidance to students, faculty and staff.

UC Davis detainees

Law school faculty, students, alumni aid detainees

The Immigration Law Clinic provided rapid legal response to those under threat of deportation.

UC Irvine immigration

Trump’s policies will affect four groups of undocumented immigrants

Four professors examine the potential consequences of the new directives through a research lens.

UC Irvine gun effort

Taking aim at gun violence

Law professor launches national effort to study firearm mayhem, police shootings and survivor trauma.

Pre-Health Dreamers

Meet the UC honorees of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list

Young alums with ties to nearly every campus earn recognition for their innovations.


UCLA law clinic takes two cases to US Supreme Court

Law students, faculty prepare briefs on the merits.

UC San Diego flashlight pot testing

With legal pot comes a problem: How do we weed out impaired drivers?

An easy-to-use test to measure alcohol impairment exists, but right now there's no equivalent for marijuana.

UC Berkeley soda

Soda tax linked to drop in sugary beverage drinking

New law produces a 21 percent decline in soda consumption in Berkeley neighborhoods, study finds.