Woman walks down empty city street wearing a mask

Using machine learning to estimate COVID-19’s seasonal cycle

Scientists aim to assess the role of climate variables in disease transmission.

Chris Barty holds up Blu-ray diode

UC Irvine physicists exploring use of Blu-ray disc lasers to kill COVID-19, other viruses

Blu-ray back in style? Its low-cost technology could be employed in hand-held devices and ventilation systems.

Sign on a fence about COVID-19 prevention measures

Voters in both parties favor caution as cities begin to reopen

Regardless of party affilation, people prefer a cautious approach to getting life back to normal.

Boy in face mask working on a computer

Back-to-school jitters

UCI Health pediatrician Dan Cooper is helping determine how K-12 classroom instruction can safely resume.

Alarm clock with numbers at the bottom in a jumble

How (and why) coronavirus is changing our sense of time

Radical social changes brought have induced “temporal disintegration,” says psychologist E. Alison Holman.

Sather Gate

An update on UC Berkeley’s plans for the fall semester

Campus leaders offer an update on their ongoing planning for fall semester operations.

Lone students walks UC San Diego campus

UC San Diego introduces COVID-19 testing program on campus

Return to Learn aims to test on a recurring basis and better position the campus to resume in-person activities in the fall.

Two health care workers bump elbows

UCSF partners with state to develop public health workforce for COVID-19 response

Training developed for San Francisco will be offered to counties across California.

Several people on their phones

Experts explain how contact tracing will end the coronavirus pandemic

UCSF has been partnering with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to ramp up contact tracing.

Woman thinking about taking off mask

COVID-19 vaccine with patch delivery technology enters preclinical testing at UC Davis

A dermal patch that could be well-suited for mass distribution/application takes a step forward.