Circle of food

Limited eating times could be a new way to fight obesity and diabetes

What if you could treat common conditions just by limiting when you eat and drink all your calories? New research says it might work.

Cancer blood test

Toward a “head-to-toe” health check from a single blood test

A UCSF physician is developing a screen capable of providing a detailed portrait of current health and future disease risks.

Pregnant woman in front of a fence

Many pregnancies are shorter as climate change causes more 90-degree days

The startling trend could cause health risks for newborns.

Airplane flying over the sea

Planning a trip abroad? Before you pack, check the air pollution levels

Study finds even a short-term visit to a severely polluted city is bad for your health.

Three nursing team members on the streets near Civic Center

Nursing the streets

Students in the nursing program provide essential ‘bridge care’ to people experiencing homelessness.

Pesticide sprayed on a field

DDT linked to higher risk of diabetes among Asian Indian immigrants to U.S.

Prior exposure to the notorious pollutant may explain the population's higher rate of Type 2 diabetes.

Blood cells and glucose floating in vein

Exploring how lipids and cholesterol relate to Alzheimer’s

Though the motor proteins they study may be tiny, professor Jing Xu and her students could make a huge contribution to the study of the disease.

DNA Chromosome

In Down syndrome mouse model, scientists reverse intellectual deficits with drugs

Scientists were able to correct learning and memory deficits associated with the condition in a surprising new finding.

Breast cancer tumor in its microenvironment

Researchers halt spread of some metastatic breast cancers by blocking enzyme

Findings in mice point to new approach that may help make some metastatic breast cancers susceptible to immunotherapy.

Puzzle piece in brain

Escaping Alzheimer’s

One woman’s resistance to genetic, early-onset Alzheimer’s may hold the key to future therapies.