Nadine Burke Harris speaking at UCSF

California surgeon general aims to cut adverse childhood experiences by half

Nadine Burke Harris, the state's first-ever surgeon general (and UC alum), is working with UCSF to realize her ambitious goal.

Image of the NLRP3 protein

Scientists discover switch that controls chronic inflammation and aging

This could help treat or even reverse the development of conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer.

Baby's foot held by doctor for a blood test

Predicting autism risk may begin with a drop of blood

New research study will analyze dried blood spots recorded from California newborns in hope of improving ability to predict autism risk.

Matchmaking banner

How two matchmakers won a Nobel Prize

Long before dating sites, a pair of economists hit upon a formula with applications far beyond romance.

Chairs in a classroom

Taking a stand against prolonged sitting

Stretch breaks and more open classrooms could lower health risks for students and faculty.

Black flying fox hanging upside down

Coronavirus outbreak raises question: Why are bat viruses so deadly?

Bat immune systems can be so fierce that they drive viruses to a virulence that proves deadly for humans.

Cover of Nature

Most comprehensive study of whole cancer genomes completed

The Pan-Cancer Project discovers causes of previously unexplained cancers and zeros in on mechanisms of development.

woman coughing

Agricultural area residents in danger of inhaling toxic aerosols

Overuse of selenium-heavy fertilizers creates airborne, lung-damaging particles.

People on a subway with surgical masks on in China

As mysterious coronavirus spreads, an infectious disease expert explains what you should know

Infectious disease expert Dr. Charles Chiu talks about the origins of the Wuhan virus and explains the public health risks.

Close-up of eye

Putting the ‘lazy eye’ to work

New research on how amblyopia actually works could lead to better treatments that improve 3-D vision.