A woman holds her friend

How to support a friend facing a medical crisis

Cynthia Perlis shares her most important takeaways from 30 years of listening to cancer patients at UCSF.

In vitro fertilization illustration

What’s so controversial about the first gene-edited babies? Experts explain

Researcher He Jiankui’s announcement of the first babies with DNA edited as embryos causes concern.

Tumor cell UC San Diego

Detecting cancer's ability to spread

New sensors detect and measure single cancer cells' potential to metastasize, the leading cause of cancer deaths.

Space X UCLA

Can space help us understand our cells?

A UCLA scientist looks to space for possible treatment of some neurological diseases.

Teen sleeping on a pillow

The one low-tech fix for teens' sleep problems

Sleep helps brains develop — no surprise. Unexpected was the importance of one aspect of where teens slept.

Premature baby being cuddled

Cuddling is good for babies — and you, too

Touch boosts the health of premature babies. For those doing the cuddling, the personal rewards are also boundless.

Female scientist holds blood vial

Blood test ‘biopsy’ for kids with brain tumors is simple, safe way to see if treatment Is working

Mutation revelation is a boon in era of targeted therapies, say oncologists at UCSF.

Sleep deprived woman

Chronically anxious? Deep sleep may take the edge off

Extreme angst is on the rise, especially among teens and millennials. Deep restorative sleep can help.

Pills bottle blue background

Adequate consumption of ‘longevity’ vitamins could prolong healthy aging

Most American diets are deficient in a key class of vitamins and minerals that promote longevity.

Four photos of hair cells relevant to the experiment

Could a drug prevent hearing loss?

A single gene plays a critical role in noise-induced deafness — but an experimental drug appears to provide protection.