Calculator and stethoscope

Single-payer systems likely to save money in US, analysis finds

Lower administrative and drug costs would be main drivers of cost savings, new study says.

Flu vaccine on arm

A better flu shot could be on the horizon

Biomolecular engineer Rebecca DuBois is collaborating on a large NIH project to create a universal vaccine for influenza.

Newly designed helmet

New helmet design can deal with sports’ twists and turns

UC Berkeley neurologist Robert Knight has designed a helmet that can absorb blows today's helmets don't protect against.

Basilard CEO Brynley Lee and founder Masa Rao

Putting gene therapy in reach

A disruptive new technology could bring cellular engineering and its lifesaving potential to more people.

Man on scooter

E-scooters show alarming spike in injuries

Hospital admissions quadrupled in last four years, UCSF study finds, mainly in young adults. 

Leslie the gorilla with her mom

UC San Diego doctors come together to save eyesight of 3-year-old gorilla

Mother and child receive treatment together as medical team assists in surgery to remove cataract caused by trauma.

Diet coke banner

Diet soda may be hurting your diet

Evidence suggests that artificial sweeteners are linked to chronic issues like obesity and diabetes. Should they be taxed?

Woman holding a vial of blood in a lab

Zika vaccine protects fetus in pregnant monkeys

An experimental Zika vaccine shows promise for preventing mother-to-fetus transmission of the virus.

Child looking at fish in an aquarium

Have you found meaning in life? Your answer influences your health and well-being

A new study examines meaning in life and its relationship with physical, mental and cognitive functioning.

Brain inflamed stock image

Drugs that quell brain inflammation reverse dementia

‘We can reverse brain aging,’ says UC Berkeley biologist Daniela Kaufer.