Kidney illustration

Reversing polycystic kidney disease

The inherited disorder has long been thought to be irreversible, but changes to diet could provide hope.

Rene Amel Peralta and sister at graduation

From a life in poverty to a career in medicine, thanks to DACA

UC Irvine alum Rene Amel Peralta wants to serve his community as a physician. That dream will be in jeopardy if the DACA program ends.

Tired student doing homework

Using stimulants to cram for exams ruins sleep and doesn't help test scores

Students looking to gain an academic edge by taking Adderall and other stimulants will find it backfires.

Blood cells floating in a vessel

A new use for Viagra

The famed pill could help mobilize blood-forming stem cells for bone marrow transplant collection.

Woman about to get a scan

Research to focus on small molecule that can help fight breast cancer

The goal is to bring to the clinic a novel compound to selectively destroy breast cancer cells.

Vegetables being cooked in a pan

Cooking food alters the microbiome

Whether food is cooked or raw has a distinct effect on gut microbes, researchers find.

Pills poured into a hand

A breath test for opioids

UC Davis and Lawrence Livermore Lab researchers have developed a new method for detecting opioids.

Frustrated young child

Dyslexia, other learning challenges are focus of new $20M initiative

UCSF and UC Berkeley join forces to understand dyslexia and other specific neurodevelopmental differences that impact learning.

A man with a cane walking with a woman just behind him

Brain implant restores visual perception to the blind

People without sight can detect motion, distinguish light and dark with a new wireless device.

Brain scan images

Medical scanning rates continue to rise despite health risks

CT scans deliver far higher doses of radiation than traditional X-rays, a factor patients should consider, researchers say.