Mazen Kheirbek stands in front of a building

Seven UC early-career faculty and researchers named Pew Scholars

Prestigious honor for scientists of exceptional promise delivers multiyear funding for research on human health.

Child napping at desk

Midday naps increase children's happiness and IQ

Academic performance went up by as much as 7.6 points, researchers say.

UC Irvine professor in lab

Nanotechnology treatment shows promise against multiple sclerosis

A new therapy using stem cells from bone marrow has reversed MS symptoms in mice, setting the stage for human trials.

Chicken cooking on a grill with people in the background

White meat is no better for cholesterol, new study says

Researchers were surprised to find chicken is no better than beef — contrary to popular belief.

Dropper in CBD oil

Synthetic version of CBD treats seizures in rats

Scientists develop a cannabidiol analogue that shows promise for treating epilepsy without needing to cultivate marijuana.

Two psychiatrists walk in Oakland

These psychiatrists bring mental health care to those who need it most

A program at UCSF is training psychiatrists to care for people often overlooked by the mental health care system.

Seniors holding hands

Preparing to care for the Baby Boomer wave that’s coming

Scientists examine how wisdom, loneliness, sleep quality and more impact the well-being of older persons.

Child reading to a dog

ADHD: Could dogs be the answer?

Therapy dogs can help reduce symptoms in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Hand holding the intracranial electrodes of the type used to record brain activity.

Breakthrough device translates brain activity into speech

It could one day restore the voices of those who have lost the ability to speak due to neurological damage.

Illustration of scientists examining a cell that looks like a globe

Redefining the world of cancer

New grants and studies give researchers at UC Irvine the chance to make a profound difference.