Three students sit under a tree on the Irvine campus

UC earns green accolades from Sierra Club, Princeton Review as a nationwide leader in sustainability

The University of California is once again a leader in sustainability leadership and achievement, according to new rankings.

David Feldman

The technologies that could solve California’s droughts

Policies, and especially attitudes toward water, will have to shift as climate change makes drought more severe, says urban planning professor David Feldman.

A pumpjack in Bakersfield, California

The archaic law stopping climate activists from keeping oil in the ground

Allowing conservationists to bid on public resources — held to a “use it or lose it” standard — could be a game-changer, experts say.

Comparison of temperatures around the globe

Berkeley Lab scientists in international climate report point to urgent need to cut emissions

The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we must act soon, says Berkeley Lab scientist and contributor Charles Koven.

Fire simulation

Gauging Western wildfires

A new climate and fire model suggests that Western wildfires will intensify for roughly a decade before experiencing a gradual decline.

Bees on a flower

Study shows common insecticide is harmful in any amount

For the average bee, every little bit counts.

A solar panel on the UC San Diego campus

UC ranks first among colleges and universities in green power usage

The Environmental Protection Agency puts UC on top in its new ranking, with nearly half of the university's electricity sourced from green power in 2020.

An open oyster

Saving native oysters

Conservation aquaculture could bring more native oysters to plates and estuaries along the west coast.

Researcher using a blow torch on a block

Can we fireproof our houses?

Michele Barbato is looking in unexpected places for ways to build affordable homes that can handle disaster, including wildfires.

A smokestack plant emitting CO2

Can we remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than its been for millions of years. A technique called direct air capture could help.