Elkhorn slough

UC awards $20M in research grants for decarbonization, pandemic preparedness and materials engineering

The UC National Laboratory Fees Research Program awards five new multi-institution grants, with more than half the funds going toward projects that can help California meet its climate goals.

Samples of the temperature-adaptive radiative coating

Smart roof coating keeps houses warm in winter, cool in summer

This new technology regulates household temperature without consuming natural gas or electricity.

Gradient of UC colors

The 10 best research stories of 2021

The breadth and depth of UC research is without equal. Check out highlights from this year’s work on everything from deep space to agriculture here.

A view of reservoirs in the Sierra Nevada range

California’s water supplies are in trouble as climate change worsens natural dry spells, especially in the Sierra Nevada

The State Water Project cut its initial allocations for water agencies to 0 percent for 2022. An expert explains why.

Mountain range

Managing water resources in a low-to-no-snow future

With mountain snowpacks shrinking in the western U.S., researchers analyze when a low-to-no-snow future might arrive.

A person in a forest on fire

What is the health impact of wildfire smoke?

UC Davis researchers are uncovering the possible long-term health effects of air pollution from wildfires.

Tools for a prescribed burn

4 ways to avoid future megafires

Two forest researchers whose own communities were threatened by fires in 2021 explain how historic policies left forests at high risk of megafires.

Joshua Viers outside

UC Merced leads innovative effort to secure water for agriculture and ecosystems

The largest research grant in the 16-year history of the campus aims to improve agricultural and environmental water resilience.

Two students walk out of the Pavilion dining center on the UC Merced campus

UC earns Green Power Leadership Award from EPA

The University of California received a 2021 Green Power Leadership Award today for accelerating the transition to clean energy.

Three students sit under a tree on the Irvine campus

UC earns green accolades from Sierra Club, Princeton Review as a nationwide leader in sustainability

The University of California is once again a leader in sustainability leadership and achievement, according to new rankings.