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The 10 biggest (non-COVID!) science stories you might have missed in 2020

During any other year, these groundbreaking advances would have been big news. Here’s some of what you may have missed while you were busy washing your hands.

UC Merced |

The first public research university achieves carbon neutrality

A landmark accomplishment for the campus, two years ahead of its goal.

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Are you part of the ‘Coolest UC Campus’?

Help your school win the title of ‘coolest’ by signing up for the April 1-26 Cool Campus Challenge.

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Stopping an environmental disaster before it’s too late

How UC research sounded the alarm on the ozone layer.

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New reports detail how to limit global warming, warn of ‘existential’ risk from not acting soon

Two new reports find that cutting CO2 emissions will not be enough to stop catastrophic global warming, but we have more tools at our disposal.

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UC sustainability: Students and solar light the way forward

The 2016 UC Sustainability Report highlights the university's big steps in the right direction as well as the hurdles ahead.

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How UC research led to a landmark global deal against superpollutants

More than 170 countries will phase out HFCs, based on seminal research by a UC San Diego atmospheric scientist.

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Climate change hits the classroom

Hundreds of new sections on climate change in courses from music to medicine are coming to UC classrooms.

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Tree of life faces deep cuts from climate change

A new study finds rarer, older lineages may go first when climate change leads some species to extinction.

California Magazine |

How UC is playing a unique role in global race against climate change

UC is a participant in Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Coalition and has proposed 10 scalable solutions for "carbon neutrality and climate stability" in California.

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UC earns green accolades from Sierra Club, Princeton Review as a nationwide leader in sustainability

The University of California is once again a leader in sustainability leadership and achievement, according to new rankings.

UC Berkeley |

How much wildfire smoke is infiltrating our homes?

Scientists investigate what homes are best at keeping the smoke out and what we can do to keep our air cleaner.