Ecology & environment

Elkhorn slough

UC awards $20M in research grants for decarbonization, pandemic preparedness and materials engineering

The UC National Laboratory Fees Research Program awards five new multi-institution grants, with more than half the funds going toward projects that can help California meet its climate goals.

An elephant looks down at a mouse looking at it

Animals and the Big C

Seeking clues to the human susceptibility to cancer, a large study assesses the risk among other mammals.

Samples of the temperature-adaptive radiative coating

Smart roof coating keeps houses warm in winter, cool in summer

This new technology regulates household temperature without consuming natural gas or electricity.

A view of reservoirs in the Sierra Nevada range

California’s water supplies are in trouble as climate change worsens natural dry spells, especially in the Sierra Nevada

The State Water Project cut its initial allocations for water agencies to 0 percent for 2022. An expert explains why.

Firefighters walk with forest and orange sky as backdrop

Study shows climate-driven forest fires on the rise

The western U.S. will see an exponential increase in widlfire activity over the coming decades, researchers report.

Smiling mother holds up her baby

Flame retardants linked to autistic-like behavior

A new study is the first to show autistic-relevant behavior and brain changes in female offspring from maternal transfer of environmental pollutants. 

Justin Dunnavant scuba diving

Under sea and on land, archaeologist Justin Dunnavant is creating a more just future

The globe-trotting archeologist explores shipwrecks to study the relationship between ecology and the slave trade.

Mountain range

Managing water resources in a low-to-no-snow future

With mountain snowpacks shrinking in the western U.S., researchers analyze when a low-to-no-snow future might arrive.

Dog running from a vacuum

Common household noises may be stressing your dog

A new study shows that people likely underestimate their dog’s anxiety.

Atmospheric river satellite photo

Atmospheric river storms can drive costly flooding — and climate change is making them stronger

The biggest rivers on Earth are actually in the atmosphere. Climate change is making them longer, wetter and stronger.