UC Berkeley healthier choices

Our brain activity could be nudged to make healthier choices

UC Berkeley scientists capture the moment-to-moment dynamics of how we make decisions.

A West African tarantula

Tarantula toxins offer key insights into neuroscience of pain

Extracts from venom could be used to study disorders ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to epilepsy, UCSF finds.

UC Santa Barbara brain power

A switch for brain growth found

UC Santa Barbara and UCSF scientists find a gene responsible for our unique cerebral cortex.

UC San Diego old habits new habits

How the brain makes – and breaks – a habit

Goal vs. habit: A UC San Diego professor researches how we may switch between the two.

UCLA phone

The teenage brain on social media

A new UCLA study sheds light on the influence of what peers "like."

Noelle David UC Merced

Purple zebras? UC Merced on thinking, learning and neuroscience

Philosophers and scientists are coming together to unravel the secrets of cognitive science.

UCSF Brain weight loss

Want to lose weight? Train the brain, not the body

Emotional brain training can help you break the stress-obesity connection, a UCSF professor says.

UCLA color neurons

UCLA study identifies how brain connects memories across time

Neuroscientists boost ability of aging brain to recapture links between related memories.

Fruit fly brain heatmap UC San Diego

First peek into the brain of a freely walking fruit fly

UC San Diego scientists demonstrate new method for monitoring neural activity during social behaviors.

UC Merced cancer and brain cells

Cancer cell growth linked to nervous system in UC Merced study

Research shows cells with damaged DNA proliferate more in upper areas of the body and near brain tissue in flatworms.