Fruit fly brain heatmap UC San Diego

First peek into the brain of a freely walking fruit fly

UC San Diego scientists demonstrate new method for monitoring neural activity during social behaviors.

UC Merced cancer and brain cells

Cancer cell growth linked to nervous system in UC Merced study

Research shows cells with damaged DNA proliferate more in upper areas of the body and near brain tissue in flatworms.

UCLA homeless veteran

Leading homeless veterans back into the mainstream of life

UCLA scientists are on a quest to discover the brain-based obstacles hindering vets even after they find homes.

Your brain on microbes

Learn about scientists' latest findings in UCLA Science and Food lecture.

UCSF Stephen Hauser

Wrapping up multiple sclerosis at UCSF

With one drug to shut down its progression and another to undo its damage, MS doesn’t stand a chance.

UC Berkeley word atlas

How your brain files away words

View a colorful "semantic atlas" built by UC Berkeley scientists that illustrates how we process language.

UCSF Weill neurosciences

Weill gift gives UCSF unprecedented opportunity to advance neurosciences research

The $185 million donation launches the UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences.

UC San Diego EEG brain stopping system

Lost that thought? A new study may help you find it

Research from UC San Diego suggests our internal "stopping system" applies to body and mind alike.

Alzheimer's Science Today

Janet Napolitano on the UC Cures for Alzheimer's Disease Initiative

The UC president on the mobilization of systemwide talent and resources to support promising research.

UC Davis reading study

UC Davis scientists get a new look into how we read

Researchers discover a way to observe brain activity during natural reading, expanding our ability to understand language.