UC Berkeley bromance male friendship

Bromances may be good for men’s health

UC Berkeley study of rats shows that stress can bring males together, findings that also have implications for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Free will UC Santa Barbara study

Do we have free will?

A study by UC Santa Barbara psychologists explores how a compromised belief in free will corrupts intuitive cooperation.

UC Davis teleport

Neuroscientists explore how the brain handles teleportation

UC Davis researchers show how we are mentally capable of "beaming up."

UC Berkeley Diamond

Brain scientist Marian Diamond subject of new documentary

The charismatic professor emeritus at UC Berkeley shares the story of her groundbreaking career in neuroscience.

UCSF sleep research

Gene linking sleep and seasonal affective disorder found

Novel gene mutation discovered at UCSF could help explain why shorter days can trigger depression.

Sloan fellowships awarded to UC faculty ‘rising stars’

Honor goes to 19 early-career scholars deemed likely to become the next generation of scientific leaders.

Memory reward study UC Davis

Memory replay prioritizes high-reward experiences

UC Davis neuroscientists find that we recall events better when they are associated with a reward.

UC Santa Barbara Alzheimer's book

The brain game

A new book by UC Santa Barbara's Kenneth S. Kosik offers strategies for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Sighing study UCLA

UCLA scientists find out where the brain makes sighs and why

The discovery of the origin and function of sighing could benefit patients with breathing problems.

UC San Francisco brain structure study

Mothers may pass brain structure linked to depression to daughters

A UC San Franciso study is the first to show that emotional circuitry may be matrilineally transmitted.