Technology & engineering

Astronauts and a facility on Mars illustration

Making methane on Mars

How physicists are making a return trip from the Red Planet a possibility.

Artificial intelligence conceptual graphic

UC convenes Artificial Intelligence Working Group to harness innovative technology, establish guardrails for equitable and ethical use

The group will harness the intellectual horsepower of the university to realize the benefits of AI while establishing necessary safeguards.

Oura ring

Wearable sensor may signal you’re developing COVID-19 — even if your symptoms are subtle

A ‘smart’ ring may flag early illnesses, a UCSF and UC San Diego study shows.

A search-and-rescue robot from Squishy Robotics

Meet the 10 disruptive technologies vying to win UC’s Startup Innovation Challenge

Two winners will take home $50K and get access to a global investor network.

Gradient of UC colors

The 10 biggest (non-COVID!) science stories you might have missed in 2020

During any other year, these groundbreaking advances would have been big news. Here’s some of what you may have missed while you were busy washing your hands.

Diagnostic test and sample illustration

New CRISPR-based COVID-19 test uses smartphone cameras to spot virus RNA

The low-cost diagnostic tool can provide accurate results in under 30 minutes and is simple enough to be made available in the home.

COVID notification app

University of California to lead state’s rollout of CA Notify

The state has asked UC to lead an expansion of a smartphone-based COVID-19 exposure notification system recently tested at seven UC campuses.

Doudna in a lab with a colleague

California’s Institutes for Science and Innovation celebrate 20 years of research and discovery

Twenty years on, the four UC-based California Institutes of Science and Innovation are integral to addressing California's most pressing issues with research-driven innovation.

A woman in PPE tests wastewater on campus

How UC San Diego’s kept a lid on COVID-19 infections

The country's most ambitious wastewater testing initiative, asymptomatic testing kits and an exposure notification system have made the Return to Learn program a success.

Cold plasma treating samples in a six-well plate

New solution to kill coronavirus on common surfaces in seconds

Cold atmospheric plasma via jet spray could be used to quickly disinfect hospitals, transport and more.