Technology & engineering

Three robots on a grid

Free tools, teacher resources for distance learning in math

With many K-12 schools closed nationwide, teachers and students can now get free tools from STEM education experts.

3-D printed ventilator

UC San Diego engineers and doctors team up to retrofit and 3-D print ventilators

Students, staff and faculty are addressing one of the key challenges of COVID-19 outbreak.

Saqqara, an ancient burial ground

Walking through ancient Egypt with 3-D technology

Elaine Sullivan takes a fresh look at the ancient Egyptian burial site of Saqqara with some tantalizing new tools.

Dr. Daniela Bota with a patient

Battling brain cancer on all fronts

Dr. Daniela Bota’s pioneering work is improving outcomes for patients with the most aggressive form of the disease.

Two bioengineers working in a UC San Diego lab

Scientists design way to use harmless bacteria to detect heavy metals in drinking water

The goal is to test water at the faucets people actually drink from and catch contamination along the way.

Woman with a cochlear implant

An improved implant

Researchers have developed a breakthrough cochlear device that could enable hearing-impaired people to detect pitch.

Purple night sky

Solar power at night?

It’s no joke, says a professor developing prototypes of nighttime solar cells capable of generating power.

Newly designed helmet

New helmet design can deal with sports’ twists and turns

UC Berkeley neurologist Robert Knight has designed a helmet that can absorb blows today's helmets don't protect against.

Basilard CEO Brynley Lee and founder Masa Rao

Putting gene therapy in reach

A disruptive new technology could bring cellular engineering and its lifesaving potential to more people.

Cancer blood test

Toward a “head-to-toe” health check from a single blood test

A UCSF physician is developing a screen capable of providing a detailed portrait of current health and future disease risks.