Technology & engineering

Rubik's Cube in someone's hand

UC Irvine algorithm solves Rubik’s Cube in just 1 second

In 20 moves, the artificial intelligence can solve a puzzle that keeps people busy for hours (or days ... or months ... )

Buzz Aldrin salutes the U.S. flag

An astronomical accomplishment

Fifty years after the Apollo 11 moon walk, a vexillologist looks at the challenge of planting the flag on the moon.

Street sign that warns, 'Spoiler ahead,'

Hate spoilers? This AI tool spots them for you

Neural networks-based SpoilerNet is designed to catch online spoilers before they catch you off guard.

Moonlander on the moon

UC Berkeley to put an experiment on the surface of the moon in the next 2 years

Among the select few chosen by NASA to put a project on the moon, campus scientists now race to get ready.

Two UC Irvine researchers

Researchers to join national effort to build atlas of human breast cells

The project, supported by a $4M grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, will be a vital part of the Human Cell Atlas.

Illustration of the DNA double-helix

Scientists chart course toward a new world of synthetic biology

Genetically engineered trees that provide fire-resistant lumber for homes? We're on the cusp of a revolution.

A fake President Obama and a real President Obama, as part of deepfake explanation

New technology helps media detect ‘deepfakes’

From wrinkled noses to pursed lips, the distinct quirks in how we speak may hold the key to combating manipulated videos.

Women meditating outdoors

Want to meditate more effectively? Try algorithms

Digital media often seems to deplete our attention. Scientists have found a way to flip that equation.

D’Vonte Johnson

With new rig, student can achieve director dream

D’Vonte Johnson is ready to turn auteur, thanks to a student-designed camera rig compatible with cerebral palsy.

Professor holding a clapperboard

Cyber Shakespeare

All UC students can see the Bard's world brought to life in a new online course.