Technology & engineering

Cancer blood test

Toward a “head-to-toe” health check from a single blood test

A UCSF physician is developing a screen capable of providing a detailed portrait of current health and future disease risks.

Pyramid in Egypt

Shedding a new light on Egyptian mummies

Berkeley Lab teams work with Cairo University researchers to study soil and bone samples dating back 4,000 years.

Woolsey fire

UC's race to stay ahead of wildfires

UC San Diego matches increased fire danger with improved monitoring capability.

A view of the galaxy from DESI

Seeing the cosmos in color for the first time

DESI, a 5,000-eyed instrument, is being used by UC researchers to explore the mystery of dark energy in color.

View of the Somatomap screen in a woman's hand

Body image concerns are universal

A new app helps researchers understand the true extent of our insecurities.

Doctor connected to patients by stethoscope illustration

Widely used health care prediction algorithm biased against black people

A new study reveals significant racial bias in a software program that affects access to care for millions of Americans.

Arpanet diagram

Lo and behold: The internet

On this day 50 years ago, the internet was born.

Two researchers in a lab

Improving indoor air quality during wildfires

Indoor air scientists explain how to protect homes, schools, and other buildings from air pollution during wildfires.

An Impossible Burger from Burger King

Is the future alternative meats?

Plant-based and cultivated meats are popping up everywhere — even Burger King. Are they here to stay?

Quantum computer

UC Santa Barbara/Google team makes huge computing breakthrough

Researchers solve a problem that would normally take 10,000 years in 200 seconds and achieve ‘quantum supremacy.’