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Why you shouldn't get mom roses this year

In a cruel twist, pesticide-infused Mother’s Day bouquets exported from Ecuador are shown to harm children.
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What you need to know about food waste and climate change

Two important statistics help frame any discussion about food waste: 1.3 metric gigatons of edible food goes to waste…
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Congress restores year-round Pell Grants, protects federal research funding

President Napolitano thanks UC advocates for their involvement in federal budget issues.

Breastfeeding plays important role in ‘seeding’ infant microbiome with beneficial bacteria

Study finds that nearly one-third of beneficial bacteria in baby’s intestinal tract comes directly from mother’s milk.
UC Riverside |

Ready for a better beer?

Newly sequenced barley genome could lead to better beer, whiskey and understanding of other crops.
UC Davis |

Beneath the ice

An underwater robot explores inhospitable waters to help predict how and when Antarctic ice shelves collapse.

Solid Golds: Sustainable seafood is the goal

UCLA alumni and brothers Mark and Jonathan Gold on how to achieve it.
UC Berkeley |

Pac-Man-like CRISPR enzymes have potential for disease diagnostics

Jennifer Doudna's lab discovers an application that could identify viruses like Zika cheaply and quickly.
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Students wow with brilliance — and brevity — at Grad Slam

Lose the lingo and win — grad students put their research in layman's terms in this year's final.

Survey reveals stark gender gap in political views among college freshmen

Report also finds difference between men and women in concerns over cost of tuition.
UC Riverside |

What infants can teach adults about learning

A new theory suggests how adults can never stop learning.

Math professor keeps good company in National Geographic ‘Genius’ issue

Terence Tao credits ‘hard work, directed by intuition, literature and a bit of luck.’