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Aerial view of cargo containers at Long Beach port

Supply chain shortages hit home

With labor shortages and other pandemic-related issues continuing, supply chain problems will likely  extend deep into 2022, if not longer. 

A box with items, like a piggy bank and a keyboard, on a desk

The ‘great resignation’ is a trend that began before the pandemic — and bosses need to get used to it

A record share of workers quit their jobs in September. A human resources scholar explains how this is a trend that predates the pandemic.

David Card, winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics

UC Berkeley’s David Card wins 2021 Nobel Prize in economics

His pioneering studies questioned the prevailing assumptions about the impact of immigration on native-born U.S. workers and the effect of minimum wage increases on domestic job growth.

A woman holds a young child near an opiate memorial

How the Purdue opioid settlement could help the public understand the roots of the drug crisis

The multibillion-dollar settlement will trigger the release of troves of documents that may shine new light on what caused the opioid crisis.

Lagoon lake with road in spring

Doctoral candidate’s award-winning research explores life for Latina girls growing up in rural California

Roxanna Villalobos shines a light on rural America’s diversity, including in the Central Valley where she was raised.

Man exposes empty pockets in front of a California flag

The cost of California

UCLA and UC Santa Barbara economists discuss how California became so pricey.

Young Black woman with small dog working on computer together

Very big changes are coming very fast to the American workplace

This is a major inflection point in U.S. professional life, scholars say.

Shopping cart illustration

Don’t be alarmed by rising prices for homes, cars, and gas

Scholars say the inflation surge is likely to be temporary as the economy emerges from the pandemic.

For rent sign in front of an apartment building

The ongoing urban exodus

Could San Francisco and L.A. become affordable again? Possibly, says economist Jan Brueckner.  

The NFT for Jim Allison’s Nobel Prize-winning invention

UC Berkeley will auction NFTs of Nobel Prize-winning inventions to fund research

Nonfungible tokens are all the rage, and now UC Berkeley is minting its own to raise money for research and education.