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A Black professional stands in front of a brick office area

Boost your career this year with the UC Alumni Career Network

Join other members of the UC community online each month for real-world advice on some of the trickiest challenges that today’s professionals face.

Kirin Suei demonstrating Sophie's BioNutrients

UC announces its 2021 Startup Innovation Challenge winners

Two UC-affiliated companies that focus on climate change solutions have won the 2021 UC Startup Innovation Challenge, while five others take home awards for social impact.

UC Merced building

California’s $82B economic engine

UC is a major contributor to the state’s vitality, generating $82 billion in economic activity per year and supporting 1 in 45 jobs.

A search-and-rescue robot from Squishy Robotics

Meet the 10 disruptive technologies vying to win UC’s Startup Innovation Challenge

Two winners will take home $50K and get access to a global investor network. fulfillment center

Behind the curtain at Amazon

A new book alleges worker exploitation at Amazon and shows how communities are resisting it.

Health care worker sitting on ground frustrated

Job burnout is a billion-dollar problem. Can we fix it, despite COVID-19?

Labor Day is here — a perfect time to reflect on job burnout, a problem that’s gotten worse with the pandemic. But the current workplace upheaval is also an opportunity to make real change, says UC Berkeley researcher Christina Maslach.

Man in tailored suit with arms crossed looking down with a hint of an attitude

Being a selfish jerk doesn’t get you ahead, research finds

Nice guys and gals don’t finish last after all.

Agricultural workers in Salinas

Excluding undocumented immigrants from stimulus funds cost $10 billion in economic activity

Undocumented workers and their families contributed more than $1.6 trillion to the nation’s gross domestic product in 2018.

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4 tips for investing during a pandemic

The markets may seem particularly intimidating during a pandemic. Luckily, UCLA's Justin Barton is here to see us through.

Woman cleaning child care facility

California child care system collapsing under COVID-19, Berkeley report says

The decline of child care creates risks to the state economy that require government intervention.